Jaden's Adventures of Pokemon the Movie 3 is an upcoming Jaden's Adventures movie created by Ren the God of Humor. 


A little girl named Molly Hale lost her father for some mysterious reason, and feels more alone than ever. Suddenly, the legendary Pokemon called Unown show up, and created the Pokemon Entei, who Molly admires from her fantasies, and believed him to be her father. Outside, everything starts to crystalize, as part of Molly's dream world. Ash, Jaden, and the others are surprised by this, and so is the whole world. Ash's mother gets kidnapped by Entei, since Molly wanted her mother back. And now, Ash, Jaden and their friends must go into the crystalized mansion in order to save her.


  • King Julien and Botley will guest star in this adventure.
  • This adventure idea was thought up in the year 2009.
  • King Julien will believe the world is being crystalized by the Sky Spirits.
  • There will be an epilogue after this movie that will lead to Jaden meets Mulan.
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