Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt (voiced by the late Larry Ward) is a notorious Hutt crime lord of the galaxy. He was a bigger threat to Jaden and his friends in Jaden's Adventures of Star Wars, because while they waited fro Luke Skywalker, Jabba threatened to kill Jaden's friends if any of them didn't obey. He used shock collars, and chains to keep them from disobeying. However, should they try to resist, he would have them be fed to his pet beast, The Rancor. But if he was even more enraged should they escape, only to be captured again, he would throw them to Sarlacc. He showed this when he was enraged from the trecheryof his Uncle, Zero the Hutt.

Leia tried to get Han Solo out by disguising herself as a bounty hunter, only to be caught and enslaved by Jabba. Luke tried to negotiate for Han Solo's freedom for failing to repay Jabba, but Jabba, not threatened at all by Luke's Jedi powers, declined his bargain, and had Luke face the Rancor. But Luke managed to beat it, and he, Han Solo, and Chewbacca were sentenced to the Sarlacc Pit. But they fought back at the pit. Jabba met his demise when Leia strangled him to death and his body was cremated when his Sail Barge exploded.



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