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Itchy (voiced by the late Dom DeLuise) is a Dachshund and a best friend of Charlie.

He isn't really brave, but he's kind-hearted and loyal to his friend. When Charlie previously died (but later came back), Itchy was upset. After Charlie returned, Itchy insisted on running away before Carface would come and kill them. But Charlie wanted revenge on Carface. They soon met Anne-Marie, a little girl who talks to animals. Itchy felt unsure about this, but he stayed with Charlie cause he's his friend. But he was soon almost killed by Carface's thugs. He escaped, but told Charlie that he cared more about Anne-Marie than their friendship. Anne-Marie overhears this and runs away. Charlie goes to find her, while Itchy warns other dogs about what was happening. Though he and a bunch of dogs tried to rescue Charlie and Anne-Marie, Itchy's friend soon dies. Afterwords, Itchy stays with Anne-Marie.


  • Itchy will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven.
  • He'll see them again in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven 2 and Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven: The Series. At the end of the series, Ichy and Charlie will join the team.
  • Even though he stayed in Heaven at the end of All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Itchy's reason for returning to Earth was that he eventually missed Charlie a lot. So Annabelle sends him back.
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