Inside Out 2015 film poster2

Inside Out (Tigerman531 style) is an upcoming movie spoof of Pixar's Inside Out to be created by tigerman531.


  • Aqua as Joy
  • Serenity Wheeler as Sadness
  • Scamper as Anger
  • Nails as Fear
  • Rainbow Dash as Disgust
  • Jenny Foxworth as Riley Anderson
  • The Mask as Bing Bong
  • Selena Kyle (Catwoman) as Mrs. Anderson
  • Bruce Wayne (Batman) as Mr. Anderson
  •  Tea (Joy), Mai (Disgust), Jane Foster (Anger), Crystal (Fear) and Crysta (Sadness) as Mrs. Anderson's Emotions
  •  Yugi (Joy), Joey (Disgust), Thor (Anger), Shaggy (Fear) and Zak (Sadness) as Mr. Anderson's Emotions
  •  Margo as Meg
  •  Hexxus as Jangles the Clown 


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