"Wow this one's huge." - Ib looking at Alone's painting

Ib is a 9 yr. old girl, & the main character in a video game of the same name, one day she goes to visit an art gallery with her parents, she asks her parents in she could take a look around fopr a bit first, her parents allow her to, as long she doesn't get heraelf into any trouble. So, she wanders of into the gallery of Guertena, a famous artist. While their she sees a painting, called the Fabricated World, when the lights starts to flash. Soon, she is trapped inside, & meets Aaron, & his friends who try to find a way out. Learning of a message telling her to come, they soon end up in a sereal world world all of Guertena's works come to life. She eventually meets Garry, & later on Mary. However, after all the mysterious, & scary events, to soon learn from Garry that Mary is a painting, She finds the painting, & destroys it with Garry, & the others, destroying Mary in the process. Ib, & the others return back to the real world, & remember their adventures in the other world, & make a promise of reunion to see each other again. Ib is a very kind, caring, girl who wants to help out her friends as much as she can. Ib is one of the only people to see characters from cards come to life while in the Fabricated World, along with Garry. Ib is very shy & quiet when she first enters The Fabricated World, & gets scared with all the paintings become living creatures. Ib is very kind, very brave when it comes to helping her friends, & always intrested in solving the mysteries in the new areas of the United Universe.



Ib with Garry's rose

Ib reunites with Garry, after some time has passed by, & meets Arik, Aaron, & Megan's son, Hana, Arik's sister, along with Aaron, & Megan's Daugther, & their friends. Together, they travel to new worlds as they see new paintings done by Alone, & like before enter a sereal world, but this time, the paintings don't try to kill them! Soon, they learn that since Lucifer is back, so is Mary. The only way to free Mary now, is to destroy Lucifer, & reunite her with her father, Guertena.


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