Chris Evans as Human Torch
"Flame On!" ―Human Torch.

Johnny Storm, better known at the Human Torch, (performed by Chris Evans) is a member of the Fantastic Four and the younger brother of Susan Storm.


  • Pyrokinesis: Human Torch was able to master the power of fire.
    • Fire manipulation: Human Torch was able to absorb fire and manipulate fire at will.
    • Flight: With pyrokinesis,Human Torch was able to fly in flames.
    • Cold Resistance: Human Torch was able to withstand extreme cold as he's too hot for ice to freeze him.


  • Lack of oxygen: Human Torch is vulnerable to lack of oxygen as he's not allowed to fly in space.
  • Water: Human Torch is weak against water, which may extinguish his flames.



  • Kirby will meet Human Torch in Kirby meets the Fantastic Four (2005).
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