Hope Bloom is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends Adventures: War of the Chaos Emeralds episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


Tails wishes to see Cosmo again, so the Justice Guardians plan to have Cosmo revived.


  • Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Osiris, Isis, Cosmo will guest star in this.
  • Tails will finally confess his feelings to Cosmo in this episode.


Welcome back, Cosmo

  • (Cosmo is lying in bed still asleep.)
  • Jeffrey: *thinks to himself* She should be all right now.
  • Tails: *stares at Cosmo in concern*
  • Xion: *feels worried for Tails*
  • Tammy: *smiles* Wow. Cosmo is beautiful.
  • DJ: *smiles* She sure is.
  • Apple Bloom: Is she gonna wake up?
  • Jeffrey: Let's hope so.
  • Jaden: I know she will. I don't doubt Master Osiris and Master Isis' powers.
  • Jeffrey: Neither do i.
  • (Suddenly, Cosmo's left hand starts to twitch!)
  • Meowth: ...? Hey, look!
  • Nails: *gasps*
  • Applejack: She's waking up!
  • (Tails' concerned face turns into a huge bright happy face)
  • Cosmo: *moans and starts to open her eyes*
  • Cream: You think she'll remember us?
  • Xion: She should.
  • Cosmo: *opens her eyes completely and sees the team and Tails*
  • Tails: *smiles*
  • Cosmo: .....Tails?
  • Tails: ...! *Smiles and sheds a tear* Cosmo! You remember me!!!
  • Cosmo: *smiles* Of course i do. But...where am i?
  • Sonic: Long story, Cosmo.
  • Cosmo: *looks at the team* And who are they?
  • Sonic: *smiles* They're friends of ours who helped bring you back, Cosmo.
  • Xion: *smiles*
  • Cosmo: *smiles* It's nice to meet you all.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* Pleased to meet you too, Cosmo.
  • Jaden: I'm Jaden Yuki, and this is my wife, Alexis.
  • Alexis: We're so happy to finally meet you, Cosmo.
  • Jeffrey: I'm Jeffrey Dragonheart, and this is my wife Aqua and our daughter Xion.
  • Aqua: *smiles* We've heard a lot about you Cosmo.
  • Xion: *smiles* We're glad to meet you.
  • Tammy: *smiles* I'm Tammy!
  • DJ: *shyly* I'm DJ.

  • Tails: ...Cosmo? There's something I've been meaning to say to you...before you died.
  • Cosmo: Yes, Tails?
  • Tails: *blushes* I...i...
  • Jaden: *gasps happily and whispers to Jeffrey* Awwwwww. He's gonna tell her.
  • Jeffrey: *smiles*
  • Tails: I...i...i love you.
  • Cosmo: ...! *blushes* Tails....
  • Tails: I've loved you since we first met.
  • Cosmo: *blushes* Tails. There's something I have to tell you too...... I.... *smiles tearfully* I love you too!
  • Tails: ...! *smiles* mean it?
  • Cosmo: *smiles* Yes, Tails. You're the sweetest boy I've ever known.
  • Tails: *smiles*
  • Sonic: *smiles and thinks to himself* About time.
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