Hiccup The Animator is an upcoming Hiccup's Adventures Chronicle episode will be made by Aaron The Meerkat


Alvin And Dagur are starting their own animation studio in Toontown, Hiccup heard about this and he's not very impress what their enemies do. so Hiccup Called Jaden, Jeffrey and Their Teams to see this, and Alvin and Dagur Appointed Them to make an animated Cartoon, Hiccup was worried if a Cartoon is a big success, then, Hiccup, Jaden, and Jeffrey and their Teams will have to work with Alvin and Dagur, Making Animated Cartoons for a long time, so Hiccup will try to sabotage a Cartoon for the sake of his friends.


  • Jaden, Jeffrey and their Teams will guest star in this episode.
  • This episode is an inspiration of Kirby episode: "Cartoon Buffoon" and Rocko's Modern Life episode: "Wacky Deli"
  • Set The god Of Chaos will Guest Star in the end of the episode, to give out his thoughts of an animated Cartoon they made.


  • Jaden: *sketching and yawns* How long have we been working for now?
  • Jeffrey: Two hours. *continues sketching*
  • Hiccup: I Can't Believe Alvin and Dagur put us as Supervising animators for this Cartoon.
  • Jesse: *painting a background* I can't believe they haven't given us a break yet, y'all.
  • Discord: You forget that these are sinister foes we're dealing with.
  • Filburt: *Starts to sleep*
  • Fishlegs: Filburt! no time for sleep! we got a Cartoon to Finished!
  • Filburt: What? Oh Yeah!
  • Heffer: Gee! I can't Draw this one Good!
  • Nails: This kind of treatment is a violation against union law!!!
  • Midna: This is getting ridiculous.
  • Hiccup: I hope the Girls are okay.
  • Alexis: *painting a drawing of Dagur and yawns* That's #2647.
  • Astrid: *Painting* This is hard...
  • Xion: *sketching*
  • (Although she was getting tired, Xion was being patient. She was planning a way to have her, her family and Team Berk escape and defeat the villains. So while she worked, she worked and waited patiently.)
  • Dr. Hutchinson: I wish there was a way for Somebody to Help Hiccup to Sabotage this Production.
  • Rainbow Dash: I say we just quit! I'm tired and hungry!
  • Rarity: Me too!
  • Ruffnut: I'm with them.
  • Astrid: Hiccup Told me he needs to Sabotage This Production. but who's gonna Help him?
  • Xion: There's us. But if we're to sabotage it, we need to be smart about it.
  • Valka: I for one agreed with Her, we have to think of the way doing this.
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