Hiccup Plays Jumanji is an upcoming crossover film will be created by Aaron The Meerkat.


When Alan Parrish discovered a Game Called Jumanji, He and his best friend Sarah start playing, but when Alan rolls the Dice, he got sucked in the game until the Dice reads five or Eight. 26 years later, Judy, Peter, And Hiccup and the team find the Game and start playing it, they Released Alan and continue the play the game to Avoid Wild animals And Jungle Hazards that is unleashed.


  • Blu, Jewel, Rafael, Alvin The treacherous, Mildew, Dagur, And Savage Will Guest Star in this film.
  • During the Game, When Rocko Rolls the dice, He Unleashes The Red Death, The Screaming Death, And also The Bewilderbeast!
  • instead of spiders, due to Tigerman531'fear of spiders, they will be replace by Smothering smokebreaths.
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