Hiccup meets Robin Hood is an upcoming Hiccup's Adventures created Aaron the Meerkat.


Hiccup and the team flies over England to meet the most Famous legendary hero, Robin Hood. They help him robin because the people of Nottingham are very poor, because of the Tyrant ruler Prince John and the Greedy Tax Collector, The sheriff. Also, they help Robin to reunited his long loving girl of his dreams, Maid Marian, Not only That, they Mock Prince John as "the Phoney King Of England." And Prince John was so enraged by the insult and start to Tax Of Heart and Soul in Nottingham. But they had to Get all the Gold for the People of Nottingham from Greedy Prince John.


  • Jeffrey, Jaden Will be Mentioned by Snotlout in this film.
  • Alvin, Mildew, Dagur, Savage will Guest Star in this film.
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