Hiccup's Adventures Of Rise Of The Guardians Is The Upcoming Crossover Which Will Be Made By Aaron the Meerkat.


After Hiccup And The Gang Left The Ghoul School, They Noticed Some Strange Snow coming out Of The city. and They Meet Jack Frost Who's Having some Fun. And They noticed That A Strange Sand Comes From The sandman, and They Saw The Black Sand Comes From The Bogeyman. And The Gaurdians Pick Jack Frost and Hiccup's Gang to Help Them To Fight Pitch Black. And Pitch Black Trying To Make The children To Stop Believing The guardians And Start making the children afraid Of The bogeyman. And Jack Frost And Hiccup And The Gang have to work together To Stop Pitch Before It's Too Late.


  • When Jack Frost and Hiccup Betray The guardians And The gang for Making The Children Stop Beleiving Them. They Left Them, But Dr Hutchinson Stays with Jack Frost and Hiccup.
  • In The End, North Appointed Jack, Hiccup and The Gang Are Guardians. (Because The Man In The Moon Chosed Them To Be Guardians)
  • Merida will guest star in this crossover, but in the end, she'll join the team.
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