Hiccup Kung Fu Panda 2
Hiccup's Adventures Of Kung Fu Panda 2
is an upcoming crossover which will be made by Aaron the Meerkat. it's about hiccup and his friends return to china to see po. until they save to save kung fu from Shen.


Hiccup and the gang returns to see Po, fulfilling his dreams as the dragon warrior after he defeated Tai Lung. until Master Shifu told Po, the Furious Five, And Hiccup and his gang that Lord Shen created a weapon thet would threated kung fu, they must save china before Shen will destroy china, what hiccup and his friends didn't know that Po must look as his Origins of his mother abandons him in th crate of radishes. now they would help po to find the truth before saving kung fu.


  • Hiccup and his friends will find Po after Po got blasted away by Shen.
  • Alvin, Mildew, Savage, And Dagur Will Guest Star in this Crossover.
  • Aaron the Meerkat Says Kung Fu Panda 2 Was His Favorite Film. (Along with How To Train Your Dragon)
  • Lord Shen Vows to get Revenge On Hiccup after getted Defeated By Hiccup And Po, with Help With Alvin.
  • in the End, Rocko, Heffer, And Filburt Turtle told Hiccup that he and both wants to take a break in o-town, Hiccup agreeds, but Dr Hutchinson stays with Hiccup and his friends for more adventures, but Rocko, Heffer, And filburt will Come Back in Hiccup's Adventures Of Rise Of The Guardians.


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