Hiccup's Adventures Of Aladdin is A Upcoming Project Made By Aaron the Meerkat and Will Be Upload It On Youtube Or Vimeo In The Near Future.


Hiccup And his Gang Are Lost in the Desert Tired, Hungry And Thirsty until they Saw Agrabah And Meet The Street Rat Named Aladdin And His Monkey companion Abu, And met a Princess Jasmine, Until Aladdin Was thrown In The Dudgeon Along with Hiccup And The Gang, And Met The Old Prisoner, (Whom is Jafar In Disgusted) Takes Them To The Cave Of wonders To Get The Lamp, But Trapped, And They Met The Genie And Magic Carpet, And Aladdin wishes To Be a Prince In Order To Get Jasmine, Hiccup and The gang Are willing To Help Him. But Jafar Wanted To Get That lamp So He Can Rule The world, And Alvin, Mildew, And Dagur The Deranged Are At Jafar's Side, Helping Him To Get rid Of Aladdin and Hiccup, Can Hiccup And His Team Help Aladdin To Stop Jafar So They Can Stop Alvin, Mildew And Dagus The Deranged?


  • This Hiccup's Second Adventure
  • This Film Debuted Where Alvin The Treacherous, Mildew, And Dagur The Deranged First Appeared of This film.
  • Tigerman531 calls this "Hiccup meets Aladdin".


  • Arabian Knights
  • One Jump Ahead
  • Friend Like Me
  • Prince Ali
  • A Whole New World
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