Hewy Lewis Toonmore (Voiced and Portrayed by Logan Ridenbugh) is an animated movie reviewer that reviews animated feature films from old to recent, they can be hand drawn, in stop motion, or in cgi (Computer Generated).  Hewy is well known to be the best reviewer when it comes to animated movies, however he can be very sensitive when someone says something about when a movie is bad, and he likes it. Hewy is very funny with really outragous adventures when he reviews his movies, especially when he does his top ten list, mainly from the Top 10 scariest animated Monsters with The Abominable Snow monster, all for comediac effect.

Deisgn and Stroytelling

Hewy is shown as young man with a small beard, while wearing black shoes, white socks, brown pants, white long sleeve t-shirt, balck coat(arm sleeves rolled up), a black mitten on his left hand, red scarf, black hat, complete with a pair of sunglasses.

Hewy happens to be a really good fan of certain areas, in aniamtion, and shows it by telling his own stories.


  • Hewy's Famous Quote: "See You at The Movies, Animated Movies That Is."
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