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Heroes Unite was published to YouTube on July 7, 2016. It is a summer crossover event created by Kyle Akers. The special revolves around the team-up between The Te Xuan Ze Adventure Crew and Team Owl. This is also the first series to take place outside of the main Juniper Lee's Adventures Series continuity.


In the sinister lair of the Claw Clan Prince John & Sir Hiss concoct a devious plan to defeat their old foe Kyle Akers once and for all. This time they use the Dragon Balls to resurrect the recently deceased Venger from the pits of hell to aid them in world conquest. so it is up to Team Owl and their new partner Juniper Lee to stop the two villains before it's too late.


  • This special takes place after the events of The NEW Adventures of Juniper Lee Season to finale Enter The Justice Guardians. as we see Venger as already been killed at the hands of Ultimate Jeffrey Dragonheart.
  • The special takes influence from other modern crossovers such as Batman v. Superman & Generator Rex/Ben 10 : Heroes Collide.
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