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Henry Danger: Wedding Crashers is a story made by Joesom. In the story, Henry Hart and Jasper Dunlop try out a new hobby and crash weddings for the music, food—and the ladies. The following is a collection of the duo's many adventures in wedding crashing. Although this is a crossover between the show Henry Danger and the movie Wedding Crashers, it only loosely follows the plot of the movie.

Chapter one: The Idea

On a rainy Wednesday in May of 2019, Henry is deep in the Man Cave with Jasper, Charlotte, Ray, and Schwoz. He feels sad because he just broke up with Bianca. He is scrolling through the Man Cave computer looking at pictures of women who are wearing polo shirts. Jasper teases him: "Why are you so into polo shirts, man?" Henry replies, "I don't know, dude. Something about them make women look really cute." Charlotte sighs. Tired of the boys teasing each other, she changes the subject to the weather. Henry still looks sad; Ray tries to cheer him up. "C'mon, Kid," he says, "you can't stay mopey forever." "I know, dude, but I'm just in a funk." Jasper's eyes light up and he smiles. "Hey Hen, I know what will cheer you up: Let's crash a wedding!" Henry turns towards him, smirks, and says, "Crash a wedding?" "You know," Jasper says, "go to someone's wedding uninvited." Ray chimes in: "Yeah! Henry, there are plenty of girls at a wedding. Who knows? You might even get lucky." Henry smirks. "Yeah, and at weddings there are always good food and music; they're super fun," says Schwoz. Jasper looks at Henry encouragingly, saying, "It'll be fun, Hen." Henry says, "O.K., I'm in. Let's do it!" Henry and Jasper fist bump. Charlotte looks at them yelling, "You guys!" They don't hear her, so she yells again, "You guys!" When she finally gets their attention, she says that crashing a wedding would be immoral. Ray stands up and says, "Here she goes again, guys." "Yeah, Charlotte," Henry says, "Why do you always have to focus on 'right and wrong'?" Realizing that Henry, Jasper, and Ray are not listening to her advice, she says, "OK, fine...go crash a wedding. Just don't come crying to me when the father of the bride punches you in the face!" She thinks to herself, "What is up with these boys? All that they think about are girls, food, and fun. No wonder wedding crashing sounds like a good idea to them." Henry perks up, "Wait a minute, Jasper, how are we going to know how to crash a wedding?" Jasper ponders. Ray chimes in and says, "Oh! I know. My friends John and Jeremy are expert wedding crashers. They can help you guys. He calls John on his phone and explains that Henry and Jasper want to learn how to crash weddings. After he hangs up, he says that John and Jeremy would be happy to help them. “I still think this is a bad idea,” Charlotte says.

Chapter two: The Lesson

The next day, Henry is hanging out with Jasper at his house. Ray calls Henry and Jasper on Henry's watch. He gives them John's phone number and tells them to text him Henry's address and that John and Jeremy would come over in a little bit to teach them all about wedding crashing. Henry does so. Two minutes later, John responds saying that he and Jeremy would be there in a half hour. Henry replies "Sweet😜!" The boys sit on the couch and wait for John and Jeremy to arrive. "Man, wedding crashing is going to be so sweet," says Henry. "Yeah, it is!" replies Jasper. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. "Oh! Those must be Ray's friends, John and Jeremy. I'll let them in," Henry says. Henry opens the door, extends his arm towards John and they shake hands and introduce themselves. Jasper pops up and does the same with Jeremy. They all sit down on the couch. "So, Ray tells me that you two want to become wedding crashers," John says. "Congratulations! Welcome to the club!" Jeremy says. The men explain that although wedding crashing is fun, there are several rules that they should follow in order to be successful! "Rules?" questions Henry. "Yeah, what kinds of rules?" Jasper asks. "Well," replies John, "The most important rule is rule number one: 'Never leave a fellow crasher behind.' That means that you and Jasper go to weddings together, you look out for one another, and you leave together." "Got it!" reply Henry and Jasper in unison. Jeremy tells them to try and blend in and be wingmen for each other. "Oh!" John exclaims, "Never use your real names; always make something up." They also tell them that they should always ask others if they know the bride or the groom and then claim the opposite of their answer. The men tell Henry and Jasper that the best time to crash a wedding is Saturday night. "One more thing, John says" only connect with people during the wedding. Don't do 'overtime.'" "Yeah," Jeremy interjects, "We had this one situation where John here convinced me to go to some political family's house...and let's just say it didn't go so well at first...so steer clear of 'overtime.' Got it?" "Got it!" Henry and Jasper reply, "No 'overtime'!" "Well, I hope that helped you," Jeremy says, "Let us know if you need anything," "and, guys," John says, "Remember rule number one: 'Never leave a fellow crasher behind.'" The boys say thank you and Henry and Jasper see John and Jeremy out. After they leave, Henry says, "Jasper, now that we know how to crash a wedding, which wedding are we going to crash?" Jasper ponder, and then he points out that they just learned that Saturday night is the best time to crash weddings and that tomorrow is Friday, so they can "scope out" some weddings tomorrow on the Man Cave computer and be ready to crash one on Saturday.

Chapter three: Reconnaissance

The next day, a crash is heard in the Man Cave; it's the elevator. The doors open, and Henry and Jasper walk out. They greet Ray, Charlotte, and Schwoz with a "Hey guys!" "Hey!" replies Charlotte. Ray asks the boys if they found a wedding to crash. Henry replies that they haven't and that they were wondering if they could use the Man Cave computer to research weddings. Ray says of course. Henry says, "Hey, Schwoz, can you pull up some weddings for us?" Schwoz responds, "Yeah, of course, just give me a second." The boys thank him. "We should scope out three weddings," Henry says, "That way, we can 'wedding hop' if a wedding turns out to be lame or if trouble ensues." "Great idea!" Jasper responds. "OK,"  Schwoz says, "we found your first wedding, boys.  James T. McHugh and Sylvia H. Jones, both 26 years old, are getting married tomorrow night at the Swellview Hotel, the reception starts at 5:30 PM. Henry and Jasper fist bump, and Jasper says, "Well, Hen, it looks like we have a wedding to crash!"  Schwoz says, "Henry, I sent you guys two other weddings nearby in case something goes wrong."  Charlotte chimes in: "Yeah...something definitely won't go wrong." Now that the boys know what wedding they're going to crash, they begin thinking about what names to go by.  "Hmm..." Henry says, "I'll be 'Jonny Difigelo,' and you can be 'James Cooper.' Got it?" "Got it!" Jasper replies. The boys now turn their attention to the dress code. They worry because they, being young, don't have tuxedos, and the clothing store is closed.  Schwoz tells them not to worry because there is still some leftover gum from when they snuck in to that sweet 16 and that that will provide them with tuxedos. The boys plan to meet tomorrow at Henry's house an hour before the wedding to change and get ready.  The boys get back to work excited to embark on their adventure tomorrow.

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