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Heffer (Voiced By Tom Kenny) Is A Steer Who Is Friends With Rocko Filburt And Hiccup In "Hiccup's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life", When he was a baby, his family, (Whom Are Wolves) Adopted Him, They Found him under his tree at the farm, they were planning to eat him, but they just grew to love him. He Usually Sitting on the couch, eating some pastry snacks while watching the TV, He's A Good Friend To Rocko, After That, He Usually Sings "Oh The Yellow Roses Of Texas!!!!" And His Words Like "That Was A Hoot!!!" And Sometimes Fights With Filburt Turtle Whenever That Happens in some episodes. But when his parents wants Heffer To bring An Elk, Which Her Name Was Elkie, And Planning to eat her as part of Wolf Ritual, And Heffer won't Have it, His Parents Love Him so, He Usually Going Crazy When That Happens. Hiccup Find This Guy So "Crazy Out of Control Steer But A Good Friend," Heffer Go Along With Rocko, Filburt, and Dr Paula Hutchinson In Hiccup's Adverture Gang.


  • Heffer will Be Part Of Pooh's Adventures Gang, And Hiccup's Adventures Gang.
  • Heffer Will Meet Hiccup in "Hiccup's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life" And Pooh In "Pooh's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life.