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Hector Hammond (Performed by Peter Sarsgaard) is a DC Universe supervillain who is the primarily an enemy of Green Lantern. Hammond is a xenobiology professor, an old friend of Hal Jordan and the son of United States senator Robert Hammond. He is summoned by the DEO to conduct an autopsy of the body of Abin Sur. During the operation he is infected with Parallax DNA hidden in Abin's wounds, which causes Hector's head to grow larger and gives him telepathic and telekinetic powers, which created a mental link between Parallax and Hammond. Hammond takes a liking to his new powers, which drives him insane, leading to him killing his father by burning him in a glass chamber. The infection has the side effect of weakening his body, to the point that he is forced to use a wheelchair in his final confrontation with Hal, but he could talk even with his bulbous cranium. Under Parallax's orders to kill Hal, Hector abducts Carol Ferris with the intention of using her as a hostage and infecting her with a sample of Parallax DNA, but Hal offers to exchange his power ring for Carol. Hector agrees, only to go back on the deal so he can use the ring to kill Hal, but Hal reveals even though the ring is on Hammond's finger, he still retains control of the ring's power, as the ring chose him, and defeats Hammond by hurling Hammond's attack back on him. When Parallax soon after arrives on Earth, he kills Hammond for failing to kill Hal Jordan.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control
  • Telekinesis


  • Beyond Genius-Level Intellect


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