Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana) is the prince of the Southern Isles and the TRUE antagonist of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends get Frozen.

Hans first appeared as a guest to Elsa's coronation. Before the ceremony, he and Anna met and they immediately fell in love. After the ceremony, Hans and Anna got to know each other better, and Hans asked Anna to marry him. But when Elsa denied them their marriage and her powers were revealed, Hans was left in charge of Arendelle while Anna, Jaden, Jeffrey, and their team went searching for Elsa. Hans soon went after Elsa after seeing Anna's horse return. Upon arriving to Elsa's ice castle, he fought her bodyguard Marshmallow and defeated him, and he knocked Elsa out and imprisoned her. After Anna's heart was frozen by Elsa by accident, and an act of true love would save her, Anna hoped that a kiss from Hans would save her. BUT it turned out that he only pretended to love Anna and that he only wanted to marry her so that he would become the ruler of Arendelle. He left Anna locked in a room to die, and went after Elsa to kill her. But before he could strike Elsa, Anna blocked Elsa from his sword and froze to death before his weapon could strike and kill her. After Anna thawed out, she punched Hans, and Hans was sent back to the Southern Isles where his older brothers would deal with him.



  • Hans makes a cameo in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends get Frozen Fever.
  • Hans is Sideshow Bob's right-hand man. With Bob's help, Hans might have Anna marry him to take over Arendelle, then have Anna and her Ohana destroyed, except for Elsa; in return, Hans will help Bob to make Elsa come to the dark side and be Bob's new wife.
  • Later on He becomes a Heartless becomi Skoll an Ice Wolf Heartless
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