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"We all wear masks Spider-Man. But which one is real, the one that hides your face, or the one that is your face?" - Green Goblin

Green Goblin (performed by Willem Dafoe, and voiced Neil Ross in the animated version and Steve Blum in Spectacular Spider-Man) is the main antagonist of Spider-Man. He was once a scientist named Norman Osborn, who created the special gas called, The Green. Its purpose is to enhance a person's strength, and he tried on himself, and it was a success; the only downside was that it caused him to go insane, and thus dawned the mantle of a childhood fear of his dreams, the goblin, and became the evil criminal ghoul known as, The Green Goblin, this also inspired a villain ally, another Goblin called, The Hobgoblin. When the Green Goblin met his end, though he somehow actually survived in the comics, The Green Goblin's mantle was passed to his son Harry Osborn, and he became the second Green Goblin. Harry vowed to get revenge for his father's demise, by destroying Spider-Man, and also hate his best friend, Peter Parker. The Green Goblin is man you don't want to mess with, let alone meet in a dark alley. The Green Goblin uses a glider shaped like a bat, armed bat razor blades, and pumpkin bombs. His gauntlets are electrically charged to fire out when he needs to. He is one of Spider-Man's three archenemies along side Doctor Octopus and Venom.


  • The Green Goblin will become Jaden's enemy in Jaden meets Spider-Man.
  • The Green Goblin will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron Meets Spider-Man.
  • The Green Goblin will become Arik's enemy in Arik Meets Spider-Man
  • In the "Spider-Man Unlimited" series, Goblin is considered a hero and Spider-Man's ally.
  • He has killed Gwen Stacy in Marvel Comics.
  • The Green Goblin is known as the sworn ultimate archenemy of The Rainbooms in Twilight's Adventures Series.


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