Granny Goodness (Superman)2
Granny Goodness
(portrayed by Ed Asner) is one of Darkseid's elite and trainer of Apokolips' warriors. Unlike most of the high command of Apokolips, Granny Goodness did not come from the upper echelons of nobility. Rather, she began her life as a peasant, taken away from her family to be trained as a warrior of Darkseid.  Eventually, her ruthlessness and brutality gained the attention and favor of Darkseid, who placed her in a position of great favor among his inner circle. 

Granny Goodness know serves as the primary 'recruiter' and trainer of most of Apokolips' warriors. Granny is infamous for her cruelty and sadism.  She tortures and brutalizes children, brainwashing them into complete loyalty to Darkseid. What makes it worse is her manner of doing it. Granny puts on a mask of kindness and gentility, creating a cruel parody of child care.  She gives cute nick-names and grandmotherly affection to her victims, further twisting them. She will often go to orphanages on Earth to kidnap and indoctrinate children.

Granny is fanatically devoted to and loyal to Darkseid. As such, she is one of his most prized servants. She in particular was responsible for raising Darkseid's "son" Scott Free. She also acts as the leader of the Female Furies. 



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