"My Precious." - Gollum

Gollum (voiced by Brother Theodore in Rankin/Bass, Peter Woodthrope in Ralph Bakshi, and Andy Serkis in Peter Jackson's version) is a a deformed and transwarped Hobbit and serves as a monster in The Lord of The Rings series. He was once a Hobbit named Smeagol Stoot. On his birthday, he went fishing with his friend Deagol, and came to see he found Sauron's Ring. He took the ring after killing Deagol, and used it to steal things and find out secrets. He was banished afterwards and started to transform in a horrid creature. Smeagol was then transformed into Gollum, because of the ring. He took deep underneath the Misty Mountains, and beneath A Goblin village. Gollum was giving unnatural long life for keeping it safe. The Ring poisoned his mind for 500 years. Until the ring left Gollum, and ended up with Bilbo, unknown to him. Soon Gollum, went out to find Biblo, and ended up in Mordor, where he was tortured to reveal where it was located. He eventually was released, and searched for the ring, and found Frodo and Samwise, and helped them head for Mordor, well technically he was made to by Frodo, so that way he can get the ring back. Eventually, he was abandoned by the spiders and headed to the mountain, and wait there. Gollum then appeared to get back the Ring, and was scared off however, but, he got his final chance when Frodo put the ring on, and pounced him. He bite off Frodo's finger and the ring he put it on to. Gollum finally reclaimed the Ring, and started prancing for joy, and met his end when he lost balace and fell into the mouth of the Volcano shouting Precious. Gollum was a tormented soul from the ring, and a monstrous being not to run into in a dark alley.



  • Gollum will meet Aaron in Aaron meets The Hobbit.
  • Gollum will return to get the ring in Aaron's Adventures in The Lord of The Rings.
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