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Goliath with Elisa Maza

"It is the way of humans to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways." - Goliath to Demona.

Goliath (voiced by Keith David) is the main character of Disney's Gargoyles. He is the leader of the Manhatten Clan. Goliath lived in Scotland 1000 years ago, he along with his clan protect the people of the scotland castle from a group of rogue warriors. One, day he was betrayed, & lost almost his entire clan, the only ones who survived are, Hudson, Brookland, Broadway, Lexington, Bronx, & Demona. Eventually, he & most of the survivors, were turned into stone forever, but only until the castle rises above the clouds, which happens thanks to, Xanatos. He formed a new clan, & has recently been added with other Gargoyles, except for Demona. 


  • Goliath is, in some way, the pure Disney incarnation of Batman.
  • Goliath will meet Aaron in Aaron Meets The Gargoyles.
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