Gobber The Belch
"Look what I'm trying to say is. Stop trying to be something your not." - Gobber trying to help Hiccup.

Gobber The Belch (Voiced By Craig Ferguson) Is Stoick's Friend And Hiccup's Mentor In Jaden Learns How to Train Your Dragon. He Lost His Hand, Leg, To The Dragons. He Usually Tells Hiccup To Stop Being All Of Him In Order to Become The Viking. And Gobber Is The teacher of Dragon Training. He Changes His Weapon To A Hook, Or any Kind Of Object He Changes. Of Course Gobber Has An Enemy, The Boneknapper, Who Chases Gobber Throughout The Years. In The end, He Gives The Dragon To The Last Piece Of Bone. Whick The Boneknapper Fianlly roars And Befriends Gobber As Well. Gobber Is Also The Blacksmith, Mean He also make weapons like axes, swords, catapults, and bolas, and any kind of weapons. He Also Part Of Hiccup's Adventures Team.


  • Gobber Is The Wise And Tell The others wheathier Something Bad Happens Or They Screw Up, He Tells Them That They do Wrong Thing Or Something Terrible happen, He tells Them To Fix Things Right. Same Thing When Dr Hutchinson Tells Them To Fix The right Thing Too.
  • Gobber is also a mentor to Jaden and Jeffrey. He's also acts as a great-uncle to Xion.
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