Captain Gae Lindus is the former executive naval officer of the Verlorenes Battalion and the superior officer of 'Vertasa. Lindus joined the naval academy of the First Order at a young age and managed to rise through the ranks rather quickly. He even became gambling friends with a young General Hux. Lindus eventually graduated the academy at the rank of Commander and quickly became a captain of his own Star-Destroyer.

Upon the rise of Major Tanya Degurechaff, Lindus finally fulfilled his life-long dream of meeting Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke assigned Lindus to the newly formed 107th Expidetionary Battalion in-order to spy on Degurechaff. Initally excited, Lindus quickly began fulfilling his mission. However, as he continued, he quickly found himself overwhelmed by Degurechaff. Then, the worst came to pass. His personal adjutant, 'Vertasa, discovered his secret.

The next day Degurechaff gathered the entire battalion together for a formal meeting. Lindus began by giving a speech to the gathered stormtroopers and officers, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and dedication to the First Order. He was then executed by Degurechaff in-front of the entire Battalion. 

After killing him, Major Degurechaff gave Lindus a loving eulogy, "comending his soul to the god, Osiris."  He was given a full military furneral. Lieuteant Commander 'Vertasa came to replace Lindus as the executive military officer of the Verlorenes Battalion. Officially, he was killed in a training accident.

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