Ford Pines appearance
Stanford "Ford" Filbrick Pines, Ph.D.
, also known as The Author, (voiced by J.K. Simmons) is a paranormal investigator who came to Gravity Falls, to study the huge concentration of supernatural activity in and around the town. After spending years of cataloging his research in a series of journals, he disappeared into an alternate dimension, his writings the only evidence of his existence.

His identity and whereabouts were a central mystery and a foreshadowing of the Gravity Falls series. This was kept up until the middle of the show's second season, when he was revealed to be Stan Pines' long-lost twin brother who vanished into an another dimension after falling into the universe portal.


  • Jaden, Jeffrey and Hiccup will first meet Ford Pines in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends go to Gravity Falls.
  • Twilight, Sunset and Kyle will meet Ford Pines in The Rainbooms & The Z Fighters go to Gravity Falls.
  • Jeffrey quickly and easily gets along with Ford Pines for being an brilliant man and because Jeffrey reminds Ford of himself.
  • In the series, Ford has knowledge of powerful items such as the Keyblade, the Elements of Harmony, the Equestrian Artifacts, how Equestrian magic got into the Equestria Girls' world and how it works there, the Shen Gong Wu, the Infinity Stones, the Lightsabers, the Sundrop Flower, the Moonstone Opal, etc. It's unknown how he knows about them, but it's very likely that he learned about them prior to his first meeting with Bill Cipher or during his time trapped in other dimensions.
  • While Dogbert is impressed with Ford for managing to build the Universe Portal, considering it an amazing feat, he also holds Ford in contempt. This is due to his personal belief that Ford is a 'meddler' who is directly responsible for Bill Cipher's near-annihilation of the universe. Despite this, Dogbert still respects him and calls him to the Liver of Iron for his advice on matters.
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