Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn is a rooster from the South who appeared in many classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.

Foghorn is a rooster from the South who exists solely to laze around and beat up his arch-enemy, the Barnyard Dawg. Trouble usually comes in the form of an intruder such as Henery Hawk, a chickenhawk who wants a chicken, but doesn't know what chickens look like. Foghorn uses this to his advantage in his battle with the Dawg ("You see that sign over there? Says D-O-G? That spells chicken. Now go get 'em, boy!"). However, the Dawg usually exposes that Foghorn is a real chicken, resulting in the rooster being dragged off by Henery. Foghorn also has often tried hitting on the widow hen Miss Prissy, who has a crush on him. She usually tries to make him prove his worth by babysitting her son, Egghead Jr. Foogy tries introducing Egghead to numerous man-type activities like camping or fishing, and while Foghorn tries to take a traditional route in doing them, the abnormally smart Egghead uses science to achieve it far better than Foggy. Foghorn Leghorn is a member of the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures team.


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