Fiver is similar in coloration and stature to his brother, Hazel. He is however smaller and has a lighter tone to his fur. He retains his sixth sense, and his visions are spoken aloud in riddles, which he does not always understand. When receiving a vision, his body goes rigid and he often collapses. He has no control over them and this has both caused trouble and benefited the rabbits. He can sometimes become trapped in his vision, repeating it over and over until he is freed



  • Fiver is also the mate of Heather The Opossum and father of Roxas The Deer and Cream the Rabbit
  • He is voiced by Andrew Falvey in Watership Down (1999) TV Series while Richard Briers voices his Retro Universe Counterpart in Watership Down (1978) movie and Nicholas Hoult voices his Reignited Universe Counterpart from Watership Down (2018) miniseries
  • He is the leader of the Watership Down (which is the 1999 version)
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