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Filburt (Voiced By Doug Lawrence) is a supporting character in Hiccup's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life. He is a nerd Turtle. He is a close friend of Rocko, Heffer, and Hiccup and the gang He Wears glasses and some nerd clothes. His catchphrases are "I'm nauseous! I'm nauseous!" And occasionally says, "Oh boy" and "Oh fishsticks." And Saying, "you Turn The Page and Wash your Hands, You Turn The Page and Wash Your Hands.................." He repeats that everytime Rocko is working in the he comic book store. And Sometimes Fights with Heffer Whenever That Happens. Calling Each Other Names, And fighting. He is married to the Feline Character Named Dr Paula Hutchinson, because He Has Feelings for her. They got married in "The Big Answer" and have children. He, along with Rocko and Heffer, are in various episodes of Hiccup's Adventures.


  • He'll be joining In Hiccup's Adventure Team and Pooh's Adventure Team.
  • He'll Meet With Hiccup In Hiccup's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life And Meet Pooh In Pooh's Adventures Of Rocko's Modern Life
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