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"Soon, I will become a God among mere people." - Oberon.

"I intend to make you my wife, Dear Sweet Asuna." - Alberich.

"Who Intrudes Upon My Perfect Darkness?!" - The Shadow.

Fairy King Oberon aka Sugou Nobuyuki (voiced by Todd Haberkorn while in his true form by Hans Conried in English and Takehito Koyasu in Japanese) is a fairy king of Alfheim, and the main villain of Sword Art Online in the anime and the light novel in the Fairy Dance Arc.

Pre Adventure Series

Sugou once held three hundred people and Asuna Yuuki captive and tried to marry her but was defeated by Kirito, and was sent to prison. He tried to blame his crime on Heathcliff AKA Akihiko Kayaba but he eventually confessed to his crime.

Adventure Series

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Alberich, before becoming king.

Sugou was once a prince in Alfheim, and ruled under his father. When his father died from an illness, Sugou became the ruler and was dubbed Fairy King Oberon Alberich. One day he was informed by his messenger (Who is named Puck), that he has to marry a woman. One day, he was presented to Asuna Yuuki. Oberon was quite smitten with her but she refused to marry him. Outraged, he called forth his guardians to try and force her to marry him. His heart sadly fell to darkness and caused him to unleash the Heartless. One man took Asuna to safety by Heathcliff, and he was never seen again. In reality, he was really a shadow of the Real Faery King Oberon. In order to hide his true identity, he hid in the form the Fairy Prince Alberich, and made up the story to fool people.


  • Faeries

    Sugou in his true demonic form, a Shadow of the real King Oberon.

    He always views himself as a god and a king but in reality he just a King of Thieves on a Stolen throne but if any of his servants calls him that he will grow angry and kill them
  • He also has a perverted side to him and it's extreme even going so far to abuse Asuna in front of Kirito.
  • He is a bad fighter even when he tried to attack Kirito he got his hand cut off even after being given him the most powerful weapon
  • He has a very low pain tolerance even just one simple slice on the cheek was enough to make him panic.
  • He has a tendency to hide his true personality except for being alone with Kirito
  • He was a rival to Heathcliff for the love a woman named Rinko Kojiro whom he repeatedly courted.
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