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Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) is a 14-year-old con artist who learns to fight for a greater good. He is unaware that he is Force-sensitive, despite being gifted with some strange abilities and amazing reflexes.

Ezra was born to Ephraim Bridger and Mira Bridger on Lothal, the day when the Empire came to power. Ezra's parents were known to do secret broadcasting and speaking out publicly against the Empire because they fought for those in need and for his freedom. Sadly by the time he was seven, his parents were captured and taken away by the Empire, leaving Ezra to fend for himself. Over the last eight years, he moved into and old communications tower which he dubbed "Ezra Tower" and took up stealing in order to survive. He would steal from anyone, including the Empire, and sell his stolen goods on the black market. 

It is only through his friendship with Kanan Jarrus and his friends Hera, Zeb, Sabine and Chopper that he learns the true nature of his power. Ezra is eventually adopted by Kanan, who acknowledges his force potential, and joins the crew of the Ghost in their small Rebellion against the Empire. 

Force Powers and Abilities

Ezra is very powerful and has a very strong connection to the Force. Although he is not quite as powerful as Anakin Skywalker , Ezra is slowly becoming one of the most powerful Force users alive.

  • Telekinesis: Ezra utilizes Telekinesis either as offensive or defense.
  • Mind control: Ezra utilizes Mind control, to control the minds of other sentient beings, however, it does not work on individuals who have very strong wills.
  • Telepathy: Ezra utilizes Telepathy to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals.
  • Beast Control: Ezra utilizes Beast Control, to control the minds of other animals.
  • Force Jump: Ezra utilizes Force Jump, to jump or leap at great distances.
  • Force sense: Ezra utilizes Force sense, to sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, or impending danger and the presence of the dark side.
  • Force vision: Ezra utilizes Force vision, to have visions of the past, the present and the future; however, like all force users, his visions are not always clear or sometimes has visions even when he is not utilizing this power at will.


  • Energy Slingshot (formally)
  • Lightsaber
  • DL-44 heavy blaster pistol


  • Ezra has some similarities to Aladdin.
  • Ezra has a fear of the Krykna Spiders.


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