Elsa hair down
"The cold never bothered me anyway"
- Elsa, the Snow Queen

Elsa the Snow Queen (voiced by Indina Menzel) is the deuteragonist of the Disney movie Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends get Frozen. She is the older sister of Princess Anna, and the current ruler of Arendelle.

Let It Go

Let It Go

Born with the ability to control ice and snow, after accidentally hitting her little sister with her magic, Elsa was always afraid of her own powers and if she'd hurt anyone important to her. Growing up, Elsa isolated herself from the world 'cause she thought it would help Anna, and her powers were kept a secret from Anna. When her parents died, Elsa was crowned the new Queen of Arendelle. During her coronation party, Elsa accidentally revealed her powers and was called a monster by the Duke of Weselton. She ran off into the mountains and created a palace of ice, and unintentionally started an eternal winter everywhere. Anna, Jeffrey, Jaden, and the team went to Elsa and tried reasoning with her to make her come back, but Elsa, driven with fear and doubt, accidentally froze Anna's heart, and created a monster named Marshmallow to make them leave. Hans and several men went to her palace to stop her. A fight occurred, leaving Elsa unconscious and locked up in the dungeon of Arendelle. Elsa broke free, but upon being told Anna was dead because of her from Hans, Elsa was heartbroken. Before Hans could kill Elsa, Anna blocked Elsa from his sword and froze to death before his weapon could strike and kill her. Elsa cried for the death of her sister, but Anna's act of true love (saving her sister from being killed) thawed her, and Elsa was overjoyed, and the eternal winter ended. In the end, Elsa finally learned how to control her powers, and promised to never close the castle gates again.



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