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" vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits." - Elmer's catchphrase

Elmer Fudd (currently voiced by Billy West) is a Looney Tunes character who hunts for Bugs (and Daffy). But he is always outwitted by "that wascally wabbit".

Elmer is Bugs Bunny's longest-lasting foe.having first split hares (rim shot) with the wisecracking wabbit in Bugs's debut short, A Wild Hare (1940). Elmer is easily fooled, but what he lacks in brainpower he makes up for with all-around stamina. He yearns to one day finally shoot Bugs and have some fresh wabbit stew, but 73 years later, that has yet to happen.

Elmer also has a bone to pick with Daffy Duck, though to a lesser extent than Bugs. Daffy and Elmer costarred in several cartoons, such as A Pest in the House and To Duck or Not to Duck. When Bugs is thrown into the mix, Daffy tries to get Elmer to shoot Bugs, but Bugs is usually able to easily convince Elmer to shoot the duck.

Elmer also has rhotacism, which makes him pronounce his "r"s and "l"s as "w"s ("You tweachewous miscweant!"). He is also very easily persuaded: whenever Bugs fakes being shot, Elmer is moved to tears.


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