The ElementalMobile is Jaden's car in the Jaden's Adventures series. King Mickey gives it as a gift to Jaden for all his years of doing good for ToonTown. It's made of Gummi's, the same material used on the Gummi ships in the Kingdom Hearts series.



The ElementalMobile is shaped after the features of Jaden's Elemental Hero monsters. It has the body of Clayman, the wings of Avian, and at the very front is Burstinatrix's headpiece.


The interior is built like the inside of an RV, which is magically bigger on the inside than it looks outside. There are several golden seats for royalty, a couple of bedrooms (one is shared by the Dragonhearts and the Yukis), a kitchen with a sink, a bathroom, a TV, a mini lab, a small nursery (for Baby Lily and Baby Flurry Heart),


  • The ElementalMobile makes its debut in Jaden's Adventures Chronicles episode named after it.
  • After Jaden and Jeffrey's teams become one, Jeffrey will add some special upgrades to the ElementalMobile, such as defense shields, able to transform into something like a sailing ship and a spaceship and other upgrades. Eventually, Jeffrey also adds JARVIS Mark II into the ElementalMobile's system.
  • In SWAT Kats, Jeffrey gives the ElementalMobile a jet form.
  • The ElementalMobile has a security system added to it in case a thief attempted to break into or steal it.
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