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El Macho a.k.a Edurado (voiced by Benjamin Bratt) is the main antagonist of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Despicable Me 2.


El Macho was once a super strong (and super macho) villain who faked his death in a volcano. Years later, he became the owner of Salsa & Salsa, a Mexican restaurant owner at the Paradise Mall. Gru believed him to be El Macho, but no one believed him. Gru, Jaden, and Jeffrey eventually discovered that he stole PX-41 serum and Gru's Minion's to create an army of vicious and deadly mindless minions. But his plan was thwarted by Gru, Jaden, and Jeffrey, and he attempted to kill them by drinking the serum and turning into a mindless monster himself. But he was still defeated.



  • Jaden mainly hates El Macho for turning his Minion friends into monsters.
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