Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon. It has the ability to evolve into 8 different Pokemon though various methods:

  1. Vaporeon (Water Stone)
  2. Jolteon (Thunder Stone)
  3. Flareon (Fire Stone)
  4. Espeon (Evolve though high friendship during the day)
  5. Umbreon (Evolve though high friendship during the night)
  6. Glaceon (Evolve it near a Icy Rock)
  7. Leafeon (Evolve it near a Moss Rock)
  8. Sylveon (Full happiness and learning a Fairy-type move)


  • Xion will get a Eevee in the future. It will later evolve into a Glaceon due to touching a Icy Rock.
  • Xion's Eevee knows Tackle, Dig, Shadow Ball and Take Down. When it evolves into Glaceon, it'll learn Ice Beam and Iron Tail.
  • May's Eevee hatched from an egg while traveling along with Ash, Brock, and his brother; Max.
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