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Eden (voiced by Debi Derryberry) is displayed as a kind, caring, yet impulsive and easily angered Genie when someone threatens her friends or boyfriend, Genie. When she meets Dandhi, she "bends the rules" and changes Dandhi's humble wish of a sandwich to allow it so that Dandhi never goes hungry again for the rest of her life. This suggests that she is not as honest as Genie is with his wishes and often finds ways to work around the system to make the wishes work out her way. She is also shown to be as unusual and playful as Genie with her magic as shown when she transforms herself into a number of different costumes and creatures. She is shown to be very protective and loyal to those important to her, shown when she chooses to stay with Dandhi when she accidentally wishes the two could stay together forever, as she felt Dandhi needed her more than Genie and became furious in the episode "The Book of Khartoum" when Genie was kidnapped by Mozenrath to help him create the philosopher stone, and impulsively stormed after them without heeding Aladdin's warning of being careful. she was even willing to switch places with Genie to set him free, though was later tricked by Mozenrath and both were set free by Aladdin.


  • Eden will join the Eds' team, the Atlantean Alliance in the future.
  • Eden will meet Darkblade in the Ed's Adventures of Aladdin.
  • Eden is very fond of Darkblade.
  • Eden is Selena's Genie
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