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"You may not be Toby, but your still my son." - Dr. Tenma accepting his son as he is.

"Onward and Upward." - Tenma's catchphrase.

Dr. Umataro Tenma (voiced by Dorian Harewood in the 2003 anime, and Nicholas Cage in the CGI animated movie) is one of the main characters in The Mighty Atom (Tetsuoano Atomu), or in english as Astro Boy. He is the former Head Minister of The Ministry of Science, and the Father/ Creator of Astro. He leads The Ministry of Science and its advance techingues in Robotics, he once had a human son named Tobio, nicknamed Toby, who died in a traffic accident, but was revived and rebuilt into a robot. He was happy that his son was with him again, but eventually he revolted, and frightened him so much, that Dr. Tenma revealed the truth to his son, and no longer wanted him anyone. However, when Astro returned after battling and defeating Atlas, Tenma was asked by Astro to deactivate him from his battle with Atlas, Tenma agreed, and deactivated Astro. However, after a short amount of time, Tenma repaired Astro, and reactivated him. Astro, confused, wondered why Tenma reactivated him. He understood that Astro was different from his son Toby, but he accepted that fact, and treated him as his son again. Dr. Tenma is creative, misunderstood, and also one of many people who were forgiven for whta happened to him.


Dr. Tenma appeared in the original Astro Boy Comics created by legendary Japanese artist and story teller, Osamu Tezuka. He appeared in th original 1963 animated series as a minor character, then retained that role in the 1980's Astro Boy adaptation. In 2003, Dr. Tenma became the main villain of the series, and was forgivien by Astro in the end of the series, he was last seen behind bars. In 2009, Dr. Tenma became a main character, and actually accepted Astro for who he is, and stay like so ever since.


  • Dr. Tenma, will create a team of monsterous robots, called the Mecha Kaiju, to help out Aaron and his friends in the future.
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