Victor von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom (performed by Julian McMahon) is a power-hungry mastermind. He is a genius-level scientist, who specializes in advanced robotics, and often employs his own battle robots, called Doombots, to achieve his goals. He is the ruler of the country of Latveria and one of the most infamous supervillains on Earth.

Victor was a poor boy born in Latveria. After the death of his parents, Doom came to the United States of America to study.

He was roommates with Reed Richards, who was also a genius. However, Doom made a mistake that Reed tried to correct. Doom thought he was right and proceeded with his experiment but it exploded scarring his face.

Doom left America returning to Latveria where he took over the country. He built an army of Doombots to police the country. He designed a special armor to hide his face behind a skull-like helmet.


  • Power Armor: Doom has created an armor for himself that can be used to fight in battle. It also enchances his powers and gives him repulsor blasts.
    • Enchanced strength: Doom can punch hard to those who stands in his way.
    • Enchanced durability: Doom can survive blasts and blows,especially from Hulk.
    • Electric shock: Doom can create an electrical shock to those near him.
    • Force field: Doom can project a force field around himself from powerful blasts and blows.
    • Concussive blast: Doom can fire a concussive weapon at long range.


  • Energy Blasts
  • Flight
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Sorcery



  • Dr. Doom will become Kirby's enemy in Kirby meets the Fantastic Four (2005).
  • Dr. Doom will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron meets Oz: The Great and Powerful.
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