"I beg your Pardon! I have a PHD in Dueling! That takes nine years in dueling school you know." -Dr.Crowler annoyed with Camula.


Dr. Vellian Crowler (voiced by Sean Schemmel) is a character from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. He is a professor at Duel Academy.

He disliked Jaden for beating him in the exams, so he tried to get him expelled. But this changed when the Shadow Riders arrived. Dr. Crowler proved his courage in a duel with Camula, but he was defeated and lost his soul. He was restored after Jaden defeated Camula. During Season 2, Crowler became the chancellor of Duel Academy with Bonaparte as his vice-chancellor. During Season 3, Crowler began to respect Jaden a bit, and always believed Jaden would save the day. When Jaden and his friends were sent to the alternate dimension, Crowler was sent too, but was sent back home with all the others after Jaden combined his spirit with Yubel's. Dr. Crowler uses an Ancient Gear series deck. with his main card being Ancient Gear Golem. Unlike Jaden, and the others, Dr. Crowler uses a Duel Vest, which has the Duel Disk placed on the jacket-like vest.


  • Dr. Crowler will apear in the Jaden's Adventures Chronicles movies, Wedding Duels Parts 1, and 2
  • In Japan, Crowler is known as Professor Chronos, and is Italian.
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