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Dr. Calico (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) is a villain in Disney's Bolt. While he is portrayed by an actor, Bolt believes he is an actual villain and thinks Calico must pay for his actions. Despite his resources, Calico requires the help of a greater intelligence to achieve his goals. He kidnapped Penny's father, although he could not defeat the will of the doctor, who seemed impervious to his means of persuasion. It is implied from their interactions that they may have once been partners.

In order to gain the cooperation of the scientist, Calico tried to capture Penny. But his every attempt to do so was thwarted by Bolt, whom Penny's father had given super powers to protect her. The scientist's amazing knack for genetic mutation might have had something to do with Calico's plans for world domination, which might have been why he was interested in him.


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