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Devon (voiced by Eric Idle) and Cornwall (voiced by the late Don Rickles) are a two-headed dragon in Jaden's Adventures of Quest for Camelot. They both hate each other and blame each other for not being able to fly or breathe fire. But they both agree to help Jaden and Kayley get to Camelot to help King Arthur.


  • Jeffrey will meet Devon and Cornwall in Jeffrey & Friends go on the Quest for Camelot.
  • Devon and Cornwall were originally going to join Jeffrey's team, but this was later dropped due to them joining the Shell Lodge Squad.
  • Devon & Cornwall will meet Craig in Craig & Friends Adventures of Quest for Camelot. By the end, they'll join the club.
  • Deven is best friends with Zozi and Cornwall is best friends with Audery Junior.
  • Twilight and Kyle will meet Devon and Cornwall in Twilight and Kyle's Quest for Camelot, after that they'll join the team as part of Team Owl.