Appearance of Dennis

Dennis the Hitman (voiced by Alec Baldwin) is the secondary antagonist in Jaden's Adventures of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

After SpongeBob, Patrick, and Jaden's team were sent to retrieve Neptune's crown in Shell City, Plankton hired Dennis to kill them so that they wouldn't return. Dennis caught up with them at the Deep Dark Trench and stripped SpongeBob and Patrick of their "mustaches", thus making them feel like cowards again. Dennis attempted to step on them with his big boot, but Dennis ended up being stepped on by the bigger boot of the cyclops. Later, after retrieving the crown, while SpongeBob, Patrick, and Team Slifer rode on the backside of David Hasselhoff, Dennis caught up with them again and attempted to kill them again. But Dennis was defeated for good after getting knocked out into the ocean by a boat while Hasselhoff dock swam.


  • Poncho and Dennis are old enemies.
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