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The Demoness is the daughter of the Cordath the Conqueror a legendary warlord who was banished to the spirit world centuries ago. She also serves as a secondary antagonist in Juniper Lee's Adventures of Dinotopia


Centuries after her father's banishment, she has finally figured out a way to free him indefinitely, by harnessing the power of the Te Xuan Ze. And the only way she can do that is to clone juniper lee, using an image of her frozen in time (picture). In the end the Demoness dose mange to free her father just to find he isn’t quite the monster he used to be, and June finishes things off by banishes both of them.


Cordoth's Daughter makes her return when she plots to bring 500 kids into the Realm of Barandom so she and her father can be free again. With Ray Ray captured, June ends up trapped in the movie. Ray Ray and Monroe must get June out of the movie so that she can finish Ophelia's movie and defeat The Demoness.


as a demon The Demoness has many Mystical abilities

Mastery of the Dark Arts: The Demoness has proven to be well versed in black magic, having full knowledge of banishment spells, witchcraft, and even knowing the ways to clone a human being.

  • Energy Blasts: is a fiery blast of green energy which the Demoness can shoot from her hands. This is the attack she uses most often in combat and has a powerful range attack.

Cordath's Cult

Is a group of members of the magical community who have followed Cordath in the past, and wish to see him freed from banishment. Naturally as his daughter the Demoness is the leader of this cult, and seems to be the only one making any real progress in actually freeing him.


  • After abandoning her father Cordath, She finds new warlord to resurrect in Ogthar the conquering king of Dinotopia. as she believes he will be what her father once was
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