Deema is a female guppy with a personality as big as her hair! She's energetic, funny, and loves to be the center of attention. She often speaks in a operatic voice, and she loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. Deema likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion-- from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically, even in the same scene. She is the series' comic relief.

She is good friends with Oona and Molly. Whether playing store or leading our audience in a dance, Deema's style is always over the top! She likes to dance, act in plays, talk in funny voices, and make silly faces. She is often in the shop segments, and sings most of the dance songs. Deema rarely does lunch jokes, however, she has done a few of them. She also has a nickname for Nonny, "Nonners".


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