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  DeSaad is Darkseid's right-hand man and torturer. Originally, DeSaad was a citizen of New Genesis. He was corrupted to evil when Darkseid, then Uxas, tricked him into brutally murdering his pet cat because he thought it killed his pet bird.  Drax then revealed the deception to the young DeSaad, the boy lost his innocence and became a follower of Darkseid. DeSaad was later crucial to helping Uxas become ruler of Apokolips. Now, DeSaad lives on Apokolips as a follower of Darkseid.

As Darkseid's master torturer, DeSaad is naturally a sadistic monster, who revels in the suffering of others. He is also naturally treacherous and scheming.  He would probably attempt to overthrow Darkseid if not for DeSaad's overwhelming fear of Darkseid. Despite his cruetly, DeSaad is a natural coward, avoiding combat on the front lines. He only ever engages the enemy if that enemy is a defeated foe, whom he can torture. 


  • DeSaad's name is a reference to Marquis De Sade, from whom the word sadism originates.
  • DeSaad will appear in Twilight & Kyle joins Justice League (Zack Snyder's Version).