Darkblade Crystalheart is a strange and mysterious warrior who travels to many places. He also runs a show on Youtube known as OMEGA-VIEWS.

Darkblade's Dragon Form

The symbol of Darkblade.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Darkblade has super human strength.
  • Darkblade was a Jedi Knight once, but left because they forbade him to love. Yoda actually understood this and wished him luck on his journey. But they wanted him back during the Clone Wars. He later on becomes the new Grand Master of the new Jedi Order when the New Republic is formed.
  • Darkblade has the power to use light and darkness.
  • Darkblade can take an enemy's power that he's defeated and use it.
  • Darkblade is considered to be the oldest of all Jedi. He even master the Dark Side too.

Darkblade's ship, The Valkyrie. It's was an old ship used during the time of The Old Republic but it's been upgraded with superior advanced technology and weapons.

The Valkyrie Mark 2

Darkblade's 2nd ship, The Strahl. It's not a ship for space but it works great in planets.

Darkblade's flagship, Ishimura. It was originally called The Eclipse and it was made by the empire but when he found it was wasn't complete, so he finished it and gave it better technology and now it's the most powerful ship in the galaxy.

Eclipse schem.jpg

Darkblade's home, The Ooshati Building. It was originally the Shedder's building but Darkblade took it and it's his now.

Darkblade's main forces. The Covenant(Halo)

thumb|NaNxNaNpx|Darkblade's main forces. The Covenant(Halo) |link=http://jadensadventures.wikia.com/wiki/User:Cade_Skywaler_Rulez#

1 of 2 of the keyblade's Darkblade uses. The Ultima Weapon.

2 of 2 of Darkblade's Keyblades. Fenrir.

The X-Blade. Considered to be the ultimate Keyblade. Darkblade's most powerful weapon. However, it's power is far too great and so he only uses it as a last resort,


  • He joins The Eds' team The Atlantean Alliance at the end of The Eds' Adventures of Oliver & Company.
  • His love interest is Wonder Woman. He'll eventually propose to her and marry her in the future.
  • Darkblade will meet Jeffrey, Jaden and their team in the future. How and when is currently unknown.
  • He was a soldier once in the Old Republic during the war with the Sith Empire. He was a leader of a squad of commandos called Omega Squad, but his squad was killed during a huge battle and blames himself for their deaths.

Darkblade's Element of Harmony (Magic)

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