Dante (Voiced by Drew Coombs, Ruben Langdon and later Matthew Kaminsky) is the main hero in the Devil May Cry games.


Dante is the son of Sparda, a demon knight who betray his own kind in favor of humanity. After losing his mother and twin brother to demons as a child out of revenge, Dante run his own demon hunting business who go around slaying monsters for a living. One night, Dante was approach by a woman named Trish who seek his help on destroying the army of the Underworld lead my Emperor Mundus who was defeated by Sparda 2,000 years ago, now seeks to return to conquer the human world. Dante travel to Mallet Island in order to stop Mundus from returning. Dante succeed on defeating the Emperor, but he vow to return, when? No one knows. He later discover that his twin brother, Vergil is alive, but is no longer the person he once know. While Dante protect humanity, Vergil sever all emotions to become stronger than their father and often clash with Dante.


Dante's main weapon of his sword, Rebellion, which belongs to his father. Dante also have two handguns which he name Ebony and Ivory. He can use his guns for long range, and his sword for close combat. Both makes him a deadly force to be reckon with. Dante also have other weapons like a briefcase named Pandora which can change into 666 different weapons, a Guitar called Neven which can shock enemies, Lucifer, a backpack which can hurls an infinite number of spiked projectiles, and Gilgamesh, a pair of gauntlets which increase his striking power.

Powers & Abilities:

Dante inherited his powers from father which include slowing down time, accelerated healing, telekinesis, super speed, super strength, resistance to elemental attacks, and super agility. Dante also have a form called Devil Trigger, which can turn Dante into a full demons by two special amulets.


Dante is quick witted, have a dark scene of humor and a cocky attitude.


  • It is unknown if Dante will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and the Justice Guardians in the future.
  • Dante became a member of Darkblade's team as well as Bayonetta.
  • He has a brother named Vergil who took the oppisite path.
  • He is Known to have very terrible tastes in women
  • Usually he is with Trish sometimes but they never really dated (Mostly bec Trish looks like his Mom)
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