"We're doomed! DOOMED!" - Duck.

Danger Duck (Voiced by Jason Marsden) usually referred to as just Duck, is the spotlight hungry, egotistical member of the Loonatics. He is a descendant of Daffy Duck and most likely Melissa Duck.

Duck longs to one day lead the Loonatics, though he does seem to tolerate Ace's leadership. Before gaining his powers, Duck worked as a swimming pool cleaner, and true to form, he dreamed of becoming a lifeguard.

He is usually shown up by other characters or angering them with his antics. He is very boastful and has a habit of attempting to re-invent himself (such as requesting name changes for himself, or attempting to add a cape to his uniform). He can also be extremely opportunistic.

Danger Duck, even though sometimes he doesn't prove it, is one of the strongest members of Loonatics, since his powers evolve with time. He also possesses the most destructive potential out of the entire team. He is sometimes hinted to be somewhat a co-leader of the group since he from time to time gives orders that even Ace and Lexi will follow without question. Overtime, he also becomes very close to his comrades, especially to Lexi whom he sometimes calls "sister" and Ace who occasionally sees Duck as a brother-figure.


  • Power Orb Randomizer: Tosses powerful flaming spheres of energy (often referred to as "eggs"). Results of impact appear to randomize, common results being concussive explosions and tar. On some occasions his eggs generate random substances such as orange juice and boulders. Though the results are randomized, Duck seems to bea ble to control the results to a small degree at times.
  • Quantum Quack: The ability to teleport (or "quack" as Duck himself calls it) short distances through (and sometimes into) solid objects. There is a slight delay between his dissapearance and reappearance after he quacks.
  • Aqua Dense: When throwing his "eggs" near or in water, Duck instead fires powerful blast of aquatic energy. Duck has also used this ability to control the flow and direction of water, endowing him with hydrokinesis.


  • Duck & his teammates will meet Craig & his friends in Craig & Friends Adventures of Loonatics Unleashed
  • Duck & his teammates will meet Craig & his friends again in Craig & Friends Adventures of Terminator: Genisys. At the end, he, his teammates and Pops will join the club.
  • It is unknown when Danger Duck will meet Jaden, Jeffrey and the Justice Guardians in the future.


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