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"Hm, You did well my boy." - Dallben

Dallben (voiced by the late Freddie Jones) is a wise wizard and farmer, and the caretaker of Taran. He found Taran, when the boy was a baby and took him in as his own child. He raised him to be a farmer, but when Taran wants to be a warrior, instead of his current position, an assisstant Pig-keeper, Dallben becomes more concerned for him. Eventually, when The Horned King, and his leader Arawn Death-Lord return to Prydain. He sends Taran to a hidden cottage at the edge of a forbidden forest to hide, to ensure the Taran, and his pig, Hen-Wen will be safe. After a while, Hen-Wen returns with the the help of the Fair Folk, and Dallben learns that Taran and his new compaions, are returning home, as heroes, realizing that he's accepting himself as he is, and valuing his friends over his pride. Dallben is kind, wise, and always shows concerns for his allies.


Dallben was once a foundling, which is an abandoned baby, and was taken in by the three witches that live in the Marches of Morva, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch. As he grows he helps out with the women with daily chores around the house. One day, when he is helping to make a potion for the witches, he accidently burned himself, and put his finger in his mouth with a put of the potion iniside, granting him knowledge. And so, he had to leave, but not before the witches gave him something to thank him for being there, an ancient tome called, The Book of Three. After he left, for a new home, he decided to take a look inside the book, the result caused him to change into an elderly gentleman at the age of 364. But, he learned from his mistake, and eventually settled in the farmlands of Caer Dallben.


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